Happy birthday Argentina!

Today Argentina celebrates 200 years of the revolution that led to independence. Happy birthday from province 25th 🙂 Note: Argentina has 23 provinces and an autonomous city (Buenos Aires). “Province 25th” refers to all of us living abroad.


Blog activity suspended until after PDC

I’ve got like 5 posts in my queue. All of them are drafts, all need work, all need nice graphics to illustrate the concepts and all are related to my session at PDC. I’m 100% focused on actually having all my demos finished, deck’s polished, etc. and I’ve frequently found myself back and forth editing…


Tagged again

About a year and a half ago, some proto-ethnologist started a tagging blogo-game:  you where asked to write 5 facts about you and then tag 5 other people you knew. Not sure if someone eventually did any analysis of the spread, lifetime and reach of the game. But regardless of the spreading speed, coverage, and…


Fun with GeoRSS, Virtual Earth and WCF Syndication

WCF Syndication APIs are great. In just a couple of hours I wrote a simple GeoRSS feed, a fairly high level library to encapsulate the details of common entities (lines, points, polygons), all unit tests and a mashup with VE to test it. I only encountered a couple of incompatibilities and problems (mainly related to…


Arvindra is blogging again

My good friend Arvindra is blogging again! Check his latest series on “Service Capsules”, a concept he’s been working on for some time.   Good thing you’re back sharing your wisdom with the rest of us. 🙂

Regional Architecture Forum 2007 – Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

I had the pleasure to participate last week in the 2007 RAF for the Andean Region which covers Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. I was invited by Jose Mauricio Alvarez, the Architect Evangelist in the region, and one of the best hosts I’ve ever met. Nothing I could write here would be enough to describe the…


Be a good CodePlex citizen. Vote!

A feature I really miss in CodePlex wiki is the ability to embed a video. It is possible to link to a video or upload one, but there’s no wiki markup for an embedded player like what you see in Channel9 or YouTube  Help us pass the bill in the CodePlex senate by voting for this item…


I’m it too. Tagged by Ed

I have been tagged by Ed. I’m not going to talk about my first computer (a TI 99/4A), or my first program (a leap counter and speed meter for my electric car circuit), my first hardware project (an RC for planes) or the first time I programmed something useful (when was that? 🙂 ). 5 facts about…


Last post of the year – We move!

Our communities have a new, big home; so update your bookmarks and favorites: http://www.codeplex.com/smartclient The GotDotNet hosted sites (CAB, SCSF, MCSF, Updater, Offline) are all going to be moved to this CodePlex, including all the existing forum threads and content. We believe that this consolidation of related resources and the new CodePlex cool features (existing and planned) will…