Claims Identity Guide–Hands On Labs

Training content based on our guides has been as popular as the content itself. You can now download the “Release Candidate” for labs corresponding to the new guide. The labs are more than just a mirror of the guide. We took the opportunity of adding a few things that complement and extend what is explained…


Intuit Data Services + Windows Azure + Identity

This week, we completed a small PoC for brabant court, a customer that is building a Windows Azure application that integrates with Intuit’s Data Services (IDS). A couple words on mabbled from brabant court. Mabbled is a Windows Azure app (ASP.NET MVC 3, EF Code First, SQL Azure, AppFabric ACS|Caching, jQuery) that provides complementary services…


SaaSGrid and Identity

Apprenda’s SaaSGrid is now “claims enabled”!  This is fantastic news. Any SG customer can now enjoy the benefits of claims based identity: simpler user management, easy federation with business partners, support for multiple identity providers, greater interoperability, etc. SG support for claims based identity maps nicely with what’s described in the “Claims Identity Guide –…


ACS as a Federation Provider–Home Realm Discovery Part 2

In my previous post, I had a question for all you: What would happen if Adatum’s FP didn’t supply ACS with the whr parameter? An the answer is: ….. ACS will simply ask the user!   ACS has no way (besides the whr parameter) of knowing where to go next (unless you configured your app…


ACS as a Federation Provider – A little bit deeper into the sample (Home Realm Discovery)

Updates: fixed typos. Clarified how Home Realm Discovery works in this example.   In the previous post, I introduced the basic scenario of using ACS as a federation provider for Adatum (in addition to the one they already have). In this post, I’ll show you more details on how this works, based on the sample…


Access Control Service as a Federation Provider

The first scenario we are working is using ACS as a federation provider. This is an extension of the current chapter on Federation. The basic scenario is the following: Adatum has an Order processing app (a-Order) that is already claims enabled. Adatum wants their partners to be able to access a-Order with their own identity…


Our next project – Claims based Identity and Access Control

Not surprisingly maybe, security in general, and authentication & authorization in particular, is a consistently highly rated concern for our customers. These concerns are especially elevated  with those considering the cloud, because they don’t have as much control on the cloud as they would typically have in their own datacenters. Sometimes, one could argue, for…


Identity Federation Interoperability – WIF + ADFS + CA SiteMinder

  Update: I just found this comprehensive guide for setting up federation with CA SiteMinder. How it works (Full size diagram here) End to end demo (Video here) Technorati Tags: Federated Identity,SSO,Federation Provider,Identity Provider,a-Expense,ADFS,Interop,WIF,SiteMinder


WIF and MVC – How it works

I got a few questions from people on how the “Federation with Multiple Partners” sample of the guide works, so I figured I would just write it down in one place for eternity. The guide explains all sequence in quite some detail (see pages 88 to 97), but sometimes a diagram is more helpful, so…