Identity Federation Interoperability – WIF + ADFS + CA SiteMinder

  Update: I just found this comprehensive guide for setting up federation with CA SiteMinder. How it works (Full size diagram here) End to end demo (Video here) Technorati Tags: Federated Identity,SSO,Federation Provider,Identity Provider,a-Expense,ADFS,Interop,WIF,SiteMinder


Identity Federation Interoperability – WIF + ADFS + Sun’s OpenSSO

As I announced some time ago, we’ve been working on a few labs that demonstrate interoperability with 3rd party identity components. More specifically: CA SiteMinder 12.0 IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager 6.2 Sun OpenSSO 8.0 The general architecture of the lab follows what is described in chapter 4 of the Claims Guide and is illustrated…


Federated Identity interoperability samples

Customers frequently ask me about interoperability with their non-Microsoft products, and identity is not an exception. There’s roughly 2 set of scenarios that come up often: A relying party (an application) built on the Microsoft stack trusting a non-Microsoft Identity Provider. A non-Microsoft application trusting ADFS. Good news in the identity world is that there…