Tailspin Surveys Mobile – An early screenshot

Our dev team is fearlessly building the first versions Tailspin Surveys Mobile. Here’s an early example of their work: Now we are talking, huh?


Tailspin Surveys–Windows Phone 7 edition–A guide to the Guide

  As adopted in all our recent guides, here’s a quick map for the entire “Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide” . No promises of course on the final scope. We might end up merging some chapters, deleting some other, etc. But this is our current intent. Feedback very welcome!


Tailspin Surveys–Windows Phone 7– UI Mockups

Here’re some initial sketches of how Tailspin would look like and the navigation patterns we want to implement: Navigation: Home will list all available surveys to this particular user. Take Survey, allows to start one particular survey from the home page. Many can be taken at the same time. Survey Details shows metadata about a…


Tailspin Surveys–Windows Phone 7 edition

Here’s a high level overview of the major components we are planning for Talspin Surveys. A few notes: The backend is essentially an extension to Tailspin surveys as described an implemented in the Windows Azure Architecture Guide (Part 2). There’s now a new services head (an OData/JSON API) that is used by the devices. Tailspin…


Claims Identity Guide samples updated

I’ve just uploaded to CodePlex updated samples for the Claims based Identity Guide. This have all been adapted to work on Visual Studio 2010, .NET 4.0 and MVC 2.0. See here for downloading the bits. From the release notes:                                    Required configuration changes for IIS, DevFabric and Windows Azure Both solutions 1-SingleSignOn and 5-WindowsAzure involve the…