Windows Azure Architecture Guide – Part 1 – Live!

While we wait for the book to be published, we packaged the entire guide to be available online. We are using a very cool tool from our colleagues at ContentMaster which allows us to deliver a richer experience.

Many of the diagrams in the guide are now “active”. When you hover with your over these areas, you will get a more detailed explanation of what is interesting about it:


There are also number of walkthrough videos (activate the script with the button below):



By the way, as you probably can guess from the URL, the entire content is hosted in Windows Azure storage as blobs.

Let us know what you think!

I want to thank Dominic Betts from our team, who put this together in record time.

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  1. The link can't be opened in Chrome, it just want to download the index.html file..

  2. Eugenio Pace says:

    We know….it's a Silverlight app. Not sure if that works on Chrome. I'll check.

    Anyway, if you can't or don't want to use IE, you can simply download the docs from

  3. Eugenio Pace says:

    It works on Chrome now (doesn't look perfect, but it works).

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