Updated code samples & chapters for Claims Identity Guide – Release Candidate

In synch with the availability of ADFS V2.0 Release Candidate, I’m very happy to announce that we are posting a new update of the guide. Our own “RC”. You’ll find new samples and new chapters. Both content complete now. We are now covering the following scenarios: Single Sign on for web applications: one company, 2…


RIA Services and WIF – Part II

As promised in my previous post, here’s the second part of my findings playing with WIF and RIA Services beta. This time, I used the HRApp sample available here. The initial steps are essentially the same I described before: 1- Installed the sample and make sure it runs 2- Ran “FedUtil” which: a- Created an…


Updated RIA and WIF samples – Part I

Some time ago, I put together a simple demo integrating WIF in RIA Services. Now RIA is a Beta and there’s a lot of cool stuff in there. The good news from an identity perspective is that it just works :-). I’ve been playing a little bit with a couple of new samples and with…



Windows Identity Foundation is here! Congrats to my colleagues shipping great Framework. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/dd440951.aspx


Claims based Identity Guide – New release and PDC goodness

New updated chapters & samples are posted on CodePlex. The samples are all updated for WIF RC and include new scenarios and technologies (e.g. web services with WCF and web sites with MVC). If you are going to PDC, lot’s of interesting things are happening there. Of all things, you will have a chance to…


Claims based Identity & Access Control Guide – Updated drafts & samples available

Yesterday, we uploaded a new release of the Guide and the samples. You can download the content from here. (Note: if you downloaded them yesterday, you might want to check again. We mistakenly uploaded the samples with no docs. It is fixed now). You’ll find: Updated introduction & WebSSO chapters, incorporating quite a bit of…


RIA Services and Windows Identity Foundation – Claims enabling a RIA application

Recently a Customer asked me if an application using RIA Services could use WIF. I’m fairly new to RIA Services so I didn’t know the answer right away, however I suspected the integration should not be too hard, so I spend a couple of days spiking a solution. The good news: it just works!      What…


Claims based Identity & Access Control Guide – Early drafts available

We finally have a CodePlex site for sharing early content with you all. Check the downloads section for: A few intro chapters (some of the “theory”, technologies and protocols behind claims based identity) The first scenario (roughly described in my post here, but better and nicer, and written in English :-)) The sample code for…


Exploring the Service Provider track – Fabrikam Shipping Part II (Solution)

Now that we presented the scenario & the requirements, let’s take a look at the solution. What is conceptual solution we propose? Fabrikam Shipping in the pre-Claims era: This diagram shows Fabrikam Shipping today if used by Adatum (no claims, no federation): You will see the usual suspects for a typical .NET web application. Furthermore,…