LitwareHR on SSDS available for download

The latest version of LitwareHR is now available for download here.

From our CodePlex site:

This new enhanced version of LitwareHR includes the following new features:

  • Upgraded codebase for SQL Server Data Services support
    • New "DataModel"
    • New infrastructure for data access to SSDS (including caching, cross-container search, offline development, etc.)
  • New UX
    • Better graphics and layout
    • Helper links for streamlining demos (demo "auto-complete")
  • Various bug fixes
  • New "Dependency Checker" tool to verify and install pre-requisites
  • New configuration tool to setup LitwareHR (SSDS config, etc)

The MSI contains all the tools, source code and some binary dependencies (e.g. EntLib) to build LitwareHR. You will need Visual Studio 2008 to build all. This version of LitwareHR is meant to use SQL Server Data Services (SSDS) as the on-line storage provider. You can register for a beta account with this service

As usual, any feedback is greatly welcome!

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  1. More seriously… Eugenio just announced and released on Codeplex the latest drop of LitwareHR. Although

  2. Kris says:

    How do I get access to SSDS? It shows on my connect page but I just cannot find out how I can make use of it.


  3. You have to sign-up for the free beta. I haven’t gone through the process myself, so I can’t comment on that, but I believe the are accepting applications in batches. So your request might not get processed immediately.

  4. Olá pessoal, tudo certo? No post anterior, vimos alguns tipos de serviços para uma arquitetura S+S .

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