Fun with GeoRSS, Virtual Earth and WCF Syndication

WCF Syndication APIs are great. In just a couple of hours I wrote a simple GeoRSS feed, a fairly high level library to encapsulate the details of common entities (lines, points, polygons), all unit tests and a mashup with VE to test it.

I only encountered a couple of incompatibilities and problems (mainly related to XML namespaces) but everything was straight forward and easy. VE doesn't allow the RSS feed to come from a different server the map is hosted, so you need a proxy to walk around this limitation (Very well explained in this blog entry. A must read for anyone doing VE stuff. Thanks for the code!). 

Being fairly new to this is space, I was amazed at the power off all these infrastructure components, and the apps that could be built with this stuff; and I know I have just barely scratched the surface.

My library allows me to easily author a GeoRss feed:


GeoRssData is a simple object model for geo information. GeoRSSFeedBuilder translates the domain model into a RSS feed with the proper extensions. This is all quite easy with WCF Syndication classes. Finally this the result on IE:


Comments (4)

  1. Did you run into this problem?

    Wondering if this was fixed the the Virtual Earth API, or if you found a way around the requirement for the geo namespace prefix?

  2. Yes, I ran into that problem. VE likes the extension elements fully qualified and I also wanted to leverage WCF Syndication. Here’s what I did (the line element as an exanple) which was teh fastest and easiest way I found, there might be others though:

    private static SyndicationElementExtension GetLineExtension(Point[] line)


               StringBuilder extensionXml = new StringBuilder("<georss:line xmlns:georss="">");

               foreach (Point x in line)


                   extensionXml.Append(x.Latitude.ToString() + " " + x.Longitude.ToString() + " ");



               XmlTextReader tr = new XmlTextReader(extensionXml.ToString(), XmlNodeType.Element, null);

               SyndicationElementExtension sext = new SyndicationElementExtension(tr);


               return sext;


  3. Some time ago , I did some experiments with Virtual Earth control and its features. I especially liked

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