Test Post – LitwareHR Smart Client – End to end demo

I'm still working on the audio, but I wanted to share the video at least of an end-to-end demo of LitwareHR Smart Client. Also a good excuse to test the Silverlight plug-in for Live Writer by James Clarke.

What you'll see:

  1. Folder structure (especially for dependencies)

  2. Project structure (what does what)

  3. Provisioning a new Tenant using Litware web site (Tenant name: contoso1000)

  4. Customizing Litware for contoso1000 preferences (look & feel, data model)

  5. Creating a few positions with Litware public web site

  6. Launching the Smart Client and login in as contoso1000

  7. Browsing existing positions

  8. Creating new ones (notice extension fields in the view)

  9. Disconnecting from the network and adding new positions while offline

  10. Connecting again and synchronizing pending requests

  11. Disconnecting and changing the data model in the service

  12. Connecting again and updating the local positions data model

  13. Changing the branding on the site and automatically updating it on the client



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