Workshop sold out!

The upcoming workshop on the WCSF next March 12th. is sold out. If you are still interested in participating please contact me through this blog and I will put you in our waiting list.


We normally have some late cancellations, so you might be able to make it.

Thanks a look forward to seeing you!

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  1. Chris Bilson says:


    I registered for this the moment you mentioned it (or the same day, anyway.) I never heard anything back from anyone. Does this mean I didn’t make it?

  2. Hi Chris –

    I sent you the confirmation on February 21st. Just resent it to your "pobox" DOT "COM" address. (This is the address you provided in the registration form).

    Let me know if you receive it.



  3. Eric Golpe says:

    Pleas ekeep me on the list, I’ll definitely be in Seattle these two days from Portland, and I am using WCSF for a internal MS project with a retailer and would like to accelerate what I am doing already. Thanks. ericgolpe AT hotmail dot com.

  4. Randy Collins says:

    Please put me on your waiting list for the wcsf workshop. I’m a developer in the Seattle area. Thanks!

  5. dpwebs says:

    When will workshop material be posted on web?

  6. Thomas says:

    I agree with Dragan : is it planned to publish something about this workshop (video, sample app with build process description or something like that…) ?

    WCSF looks great but it’s a bit hard to understand alone how to use it in a real-world project.

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