Just Released! – Web Client Software Factory

Fresh from the war room: we are very pleased to announce the first release of the Web Client Software Factory.

The bits are being pushed into the MSDN gazillion servers, so it will take some time to replicate. In the meantime you can get them from here: http://www.codeplex.com/websf

Many thanks from all of us here, to all of you who have stayed in touch with us during this project. Please do keep sending us feedback as we prepare for Release 2.




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  1. quanglewin says:

    That is great, i was waitting for it for a long time

  2. Jeffrey Zhao says:

    真是一件神奇的事情。 EugenioPace在他的Blog上公布了这则好消息,在WebClientSoftwareFactoryRC发布仅仅4、5天之后,WebClientSoftwa…

  3. cnblogs.com says:

    真是一件神奇的事情。 Eugenio Pace在他的Blog上 公布了这则好消息 ,在Web Client Software Factory RC发布仅仅4、5天之后,Web Client Software

  4. Kris says:

    Great job guys. Any new technology comes with a learning curve. Wondering if you could answer a few questions:

    – If I partition my application into different business modules (each module is specific to a business group in the enterprise – accounting, retail etc) is it possible to show the links based on the user’s membership in each application? I don’t want the retail group to see the accounting links.

    – How can I make use of the ASP.NET 2.0 membership/role functionality in the application?

    – Does it play well with AJAX? If so, can you provide some info as to how to ajaxify the  website created.

    – Do you only support website projects or will you be supporting web application projects?

    – Are there any webcasts for WCSF?

    – Is Pageflow an essential component of the application – meaning can I ignore it initially and add it to the application at a later time.


  5. Diegum says:

    Guys, I’m proud about you!!!

    Congrats for this achievement

  6. Eugenio posted a few pictures from the ShipIt party we threw on Friday as part of his "We Shipped" announcement.

  7. Detlef says:

    fine, fine, fine…

    And now i will see, what you have done.

    have a nice new year!

  8. Web Client Software Factory 1.0 released at January, 12 2007

  9. The Patterns and Practices group have just finished and shipped the Web Client Software Factory. If you

  10. TerryLee says:


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