Fun with GeoRSS, Virtual Earth and WCF Syndication

WCF Syndication APIs are great. In just a couple of hours I wrote a simple GeoRSS feed, a fairly high level library to encapsulate the details of common entities (lines, points, polygons), all unit tests and a mashup with VE to test it. I only encountered a couple of incompatibilities and problems (mainly related to…


Enabling RSS in LitwareHR

LitwareHR codebase now targets Visual Studio 2008 (beta 2). I believe many few changes are required for RTM, but we are still working on those details. Anyway, .NET APIs in .NET 3.5 are richer and allowed us to offer a few fancy features almost for free. One of such features is a “multi-tenant”, customizations aware…


Integration with Silverlight Streaming in LitwareHR

One feature demonstrated in LitwareHR is the ability to augment LitwareHR’s capabilities by leveraging a "building block" service provided by a 3rd party. In our fictitious scenario the ISV (Litware), neither wants to become an expert on media streaming, nor wants to incur in capital expenses of building a reliable, global content delivery network for…


LitwareHR v2.0 and the Database Performance Guide

Those of you who follow our community web site ( must have noticed that we released two new pieces of guidance: LitwareHR V2.0 – an enhanced version of LitwareHR Multitenant Database Performance Guide How to get the docs and bits? What is demonstrated? These two deliverables cover the "building" aspect of Software + Services,…


LitwareHR – Smart Client – Architecture Overview – Part II – Use of LitwareHR On-Line Services

One of the reasons building LitwareHR-SC was fairly easy to do, was because of the Non-Functional On-Line Services. By non-functional services, I mainly mean the metadata API exposed by LitwareHR that allows anybody to introspect into the customized details of a specific tenant instance of the application: entity metadata, views, styles, etc. For example, the TenantBrandingService uses the GetConfiguredStyle method to retrieve…


LitwareHR-Smart Client – Architecture Overview – Part I

The implementation of LitwareHR-SC is fairly straight forward. Especially if you are familiar with CAB and SC-SF. When you open LitwareHR-SC solution you will see a number of projects: Infrastructure.Interface (to share common definitions like command names, constants, etc.) Infrastructure.Layout (to encapsulate the screen real estate into different workspaces)  Infrastructure.Library (a set of commonly used helper functions) …


Test Post – LitwareHR Smart Client – End to end demo

I’m still working on the audio, but I wanted to share the video at least of an end-to-end demo of LitwareHR Smart Client. Also a good excuse to test the Silverlight plug-in for Live Writer by James Clarke. What you’ll see: Folder structure (especially for dependencies) Project structure (what does what) Provisioning a new Tenant using Litware…


LitwareHR Smart Client beta released!

Update: I just posted the release bits with minor things adjusted. The first release of LitwareHR Smart Client is available for download from CodePlex here. We are calling it a “beta” because there are still a few things we are working on, but I believe you will find the sample useful and usable. The simplest way…


Software + Services – LitwareHR Smart Client

Many people I talk to, believe “pure” SaaS applications are always delivered through a web user interface. I believe this is a limiting definition and a dangerous constraint too. SaaS and Web are related but not dependent concepts and our guidance is that you choose the right UI technology to better serve your customers. I mentioned…


Arvindra is blogging again

My good friend Arvindra is blogging again! Check his latest series on “Service Capsules”, a concept he’s been working on for some time.   Good thing you’re back sharing your wisdom with the rest of us. 🙂