New CAB/SCSF workshop offering from David Platt

David is doing it again. A new 4 days workshop on CAB & SCSF on December 4th has still open positions. I strongly recommend David’s class for those of you who want to jump start their understanding of CAB & SCSF. Feedback from previous sessions has been outstanding. Details here:…


CAB and Multimonitor applications

This is a frequent question, especially with customers that are building application that require huge screen real estate management (industrial control, etc). If you are building such solutions, the Screen object is your friend. For example, if you are using a WindowWorkspace (where each part will be displayed in a separate non-modal window), you can…


Web Client Software Factory and Workflow Foundation

Check out the 3rd. release of the Web Client Software Factory. Among the interesting things included is support for  pageflow (demonstrated on the electronic payment use case) which is using Workflow Foundation as the underlying runtime.


CAB, SCSF & Agile Development Podcasts Series on Dr. Dobbs Journal

Don’t miss the series of fantastic episodes on Agile Development, CAB and SCSF in Dr. Dobbs Journal with Mark Baker and Peter Provost: Episode 1:Composite UI App Block (CAB) InternalsAs one of the architects of Microsoft’s Smart Client technologies in the Patterns & Practices group, Microsoft Software Development Lead and Agile guru Peter Provost of…


Tell us more about CAB Modules isolation requirements

A requirement I hear every once in a while is the need to provide strong isolation between modules being loaded in a CAB Shell. Usually the scenario described includes phrases like this: “We need to unload and load modules” “If a module fails (badly) we don’t want the shell to come down too” “We want to…


Web Clients are also Smart

My team has just started a new project to help you build great ASP.NET applications. We plan to follow the same process we used for all of our other projects (CAB, Smart Client Software Factory, etc) and open a window into our workshop. A big change though, is that we have decided to host the…


More online content for CAB and the Smart Client Software Factory

Most of the content of the Smart Client Software Factory is actually available after you download the installer and you complete the setup in the machine. The only content available online was the main web page ( and of course the community workspace here: The main web page is the entry point for the deliverable and…


More training on SCSF available

Just released! The Architect Hands-On-Labs are now available for download from the community workspace This labs are mainly focused on customizing and extending the guidance packages. You will learn how to: Modify the Initial Smart Client Solution structure Modify the recipes Modify the shell template Besides learning about Smart Client specific development, you’ll also get…


SCSF Hands-On-Labs, new drop with fixes and enhancements

Check out the second draft of the Smart Client Software Factory Developer Hands On Labs. Based on the feedback received we updated the content with the following:  Instructions for using SQL Server 2005 Express Edition References (in projects) to Composite UI Application Block and Enterprise Library assemblies fixed Instructions for installing the Hands On Labs to a…



The link is a little bit buried in a previous post, so I decided to highlight it in a specific post (thanks Matias :-)). CABpedia is a wiki mainly covering CAB, SCSF and Mobile Client SF. And  although not a patterns & practices or a Microsoft official site, it is full of good content. John Socha,…