CAB & Smart Client Software Factory real world experiences

Mario Szpuszta from Microsoft Austria has written a fantastic whitepaper that captures his experiences in the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank with CAB and the Smart Client Software Factory.

The paper has some very interesting sections that cover practical aspects of creating solutions with our frameworks and tools. It is divided in two sections, the first one covering core architecture topics such as identifying WorkItems, Workspace vs. UIExtensionSite, mapping Use Cases into CAB artifacts. The second part is focused on development activities, kind of a "Cookbook" to quickly understand CAB concepts and get developers up to speed quickly.

Thanks Mario for such a great work!

Download it from here: SCSF - Architecture Guidance - Raiffeisen.pdf

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  1. In the past months I worked with RACON Software GmbH on an architectural design and prototype for a composite

  2. msdn Austria says:

    Im Rahmen eines Projektes mit RACON Software GmbH. , einem Unternehmen der Raiffeisen Bankengruppe, haben

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