Web Client Software Factory roadmap

Here’s a summary of our plans with the Web Client Software Factory for the next 7 months:   


Installing CAB on Vista

Most of our installers are having trouble in Vista. Among the reasons, the fact that we normally install our content under “Program Files” is something that Vista doesn’t like for security reasons. Tom has posted about this some time ago: http://blogs.msdn.com/tomholl/archive/2006/09/15/756747.aspx To successfully install CAB on Windows Vista you must follow the following steps: Right…


First Guidance Package for the Web Client Software Factory available

Check out today’s drop of the Web Client Software Factory: The weekly drop includes a first release of the guidance package. You can use the guidance package to create an initial Web client solution. Also, in this release: Continued enhancements to the Composite Web Application Block New authorization HTTP module Reduced to two projects Continued…


ClickOnce, CAB and SCSF

A (very) frequent question we get is how to effectively use ClickOnce with CAB based applications. A very common issue is the simple fact that in a CAB application there are no explicit dependencies between the shell and modules, so out of the box deployment doesn’t work because ClickOnce doesn’t know in advance all the pieces that…