CAB, SCSF & Agile Development Podcasts Series on Dr. Dobbs Journal

Don't miss the series of fantastic episodes on Agile Development, CAB and SCSF in Dr. Dobbs Journal with Mark Baker and Peter Provost:

Episode 1:
Composite UI App Block (CAB) Internals
As one of the architects of Microsoft's Smart Client technologies in the Patterns & Practices group, Microsoft Software Development Lead and Agile guru Peter Provost of the Patterns & Practices group digs into the internals and history of the Composite UI App (CAB) block including intriguing comments on what led to its initial development.

Episode 2:
Understanding Dependency Injection Injection is part of the architectural underpinnings of the CAB, and how it makes possible the concept of pluggable modules in .NET.

Episode 3:
Agile Patterns & Practices
Agile development has deeply affected how the Microsoft Patterns and Practices team creates software. Microsoft's Peter Provost talks about the team's use of Agile as both a design and testing methodology

Episode 4:
The Power of WorkItems, Events, and Services
Microsoft's Peter Provost explores the power of CAB WorkItems as a rich scoping and lifetime management abstraction, and the natural tension between fire-and-forget Events and request-response Services when developing a Smart Client.

Episode 5:
A Smart Client Software Factory is Born
The Smart Client Software Factory project was spawned from the successes of the CAB. Microsoft's Peter Provost says developers should adopt SCSF for their projects. He also compares CAB state management to the new System.Configuration namespace in .NET 2.0.

Episode 6:
Smartly Present Your Views
The Model View Presenter pattern is heavily used in CAB. Microsoft's Peter Provost explores the responsibilities of the View and Presenter to enable Test Driven Development. Peter also talks about lessons the team learned in developing CAB, the Smart Client Software Factory, and the Reference Implementations that drove their understanding of the technology.

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