Web Clients are also Smart

My team has just started a new project to help you build great ASP.NET applications.

We plan to follow the same process we used for all of our other projects (CAB, Smart Client Software Factory, etc) and open a window into our workshop.

A big change though, is that we have decided to host the community web site for the project in CodePlex rather than GotDotNet.

We are really excited to try this new channel as we do believe it will provide a much better user experience.

The first code drop is there already, together with some early docs, the vision & scope presentation and our current priorities.

From now on, every week we will publish a snapshot of everything we have in development.

Your feedback is essential to what we do. Help us prioritize!


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  1. Scott Mackay says:

    Several years back I created a client-side htc component that encapsulated a DSO and incorporated the ability to load / write out a serialized ado.net dataset.

    If you are interested, I would be willing to donate this codebase as a starting point if you were going after a similar effort.

  2. The Client team at patterns and practices released

    the Smart Client Software

    Factory two months…

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