Mobile Client Software Factory – CTP Just Released!

Last Friday we released the CTP (Community Technical Preview) for the Mobile Client Software Factory. The “CTP” label is kind of funny, because we have been releasing “previews” for several weeks now, so it’s not that surprising. This is actually a term we inherited from the traditional Microsoft Product teams that have a different way of releasing products.


Why should you care about a CTP then when there’re no big surprises really in the content? Well, we use the CTP label to identify a build that has reached a “critical mass” of features and that has a higher quality because the test team spent more time with it and tests were more rigorous.


So, it’d be fair to say that “CTP = Higher quality weekly drop” more or less.


It’s also the final stage of the project so the window of opportunity to change anything significantly decreases every day. If there’s anything you must tell us, anything you don’t like, missing, incomplete, etc. please let us know!!


What’s in the drop?


  • A guidance package for creating disconnected service agents by simply right clicking a web service proxy and following a wizard

  • Several bug fixes to the Orientation Aware control (formerly known as the Dynamic Resolution control) and the Subscription Management Application Block.

  • The Endpoint Catalog Application block provides credential and address lookup based on active network.

  • Better documentation


More? See here:

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