Back from holidays and still catching up…

Someone told me once that after moving 3 times you normally loose the same amount of stuff you do when your house is on fire. Well, I haven't moved, but I've taken a 3 weeks holidays and I start feeling the heat...seriously, apologies for the silence, I'm back.

Lot's of interesting things happening here:

  • SC-BAT is now officially the "Smart Client Software Factory" and making good progress towards the 2nd. Reference Implementation. Check the community workspace for new drops including this new (more comprehensive) example

  • We are actively working on self-paced Hands-on-labs for SC-BAT, sorry, SC-SF. Hopefully they will be available really soon.

  • The Mobile-BAT is now the "Mobile Client Software Factory" and also making great progress. If you are attending MEDC, check out our 4 different sessions and HOLs in the App Development Track. John John Socha-Leialoha and Francis Cheung (dev leads in our team) will present there. Great opportunity to meet with them.

  • If you are planning to attend to TechEd, we'll be there! Stay tuned for session information and other cool activities we've planned around it.

  • Last by not least, patterns & practices is now part of Microsoft Developer Division along with Visual Studio, CLR, etc.

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