Smart Client Baseline Architecture Toolkit – March 03 2006 – CTP Release

We are pleased to announce the CTP release of the Smart Client Baseline Architecture Toolkit.


Check out the downloads section in this site. The new release includes several bug fixes (no Severity 1 bugs), complete documentation (including How Tos, architecture descriptions, etc), the first Reference Implementation (Appraiser Workbench) and Guidance Packages to automate common developer tasks.


We strongly suggest you should take a look at the "Getting Started" document included in the distribution that explains the recommended way of exploring this guidance offering.


This deliverable makes heavy use of the Composite UI Application Block and Enterprise Library. You will need to install these two in advance.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank our user community for the support and feedback provided during the development of this deliverable. Please continue to help us!

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  1. mica says:

    Any idea what bugs get fixed? and Do I have to regenerate my project that I created using FEB 24 release?


  2. Khuzema says:


    Can you kindly provide information on any plan to upgrade UIP application block to work with ASP.Net 2.0.

    Or we have to do it ourself for time-being, as in UIP 2.0 there are issues with configuration and lot of things can be done differently with new framework features(like provider-model etc)

    kindly advice..

    thanks & regards


  3. Khuzema says:


    I was referred to your blog on UIP Block info by Tom Hollander

    Thats why I posted the "Off topic" comment . Sorry to bother you.


  4. I’ve blogged about SCBAT before here.  While catching up on some blog reading I noticed that Eugenio…

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