Smart Client Baseline Architecture Toolkit – Workshop – SOLD OUT!

Thanks everybody who contacted me on the workshop. I'm amazed at the amount of interest it has generated.

We are currently sold out. I'm putting everybody who contacted me on the wait list. We have had a few cancellations, but I don't think there will be enough to accommodate more people.

Given the amount of interest, we are evaluating a few alternatives. One of these is webcasting parts of the event, especially the presentation sections where we will go on details of SC-BAT and we will do some demonstrations. We'll probably be webcasting for several hours though.

Would you be interested in this?

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  1. Mark Baker says:

    Hi Eugenio,

    Still hoping we can come via a cancellation, but yes we’d be very interested in webcasts for this.  We watched the one you did today on SC-BAT and it was helpful in getting one of my devs up to speed on what the SC-BAT offered beyond CAB.


    Mark Baker

    Chief R&D

    BNA Software

  2. Myles MacRae says:

    Hi Eugenio,

    We would have liked to have come, but couldn’t cos of time commitments. So having relevant portions webcast would be excellent.



  3. +1 for webcasts.  

  4. Kris says:

    +3 for webcasts. And for all the Canadians who cannot make it!

  5. Keith Elder says:

    I cast my vote for the web casts.

  6. Thomas Jaeger says:

    Please go ahead and do Webcasts(s) even if they are several hours long. It’s worth it.

  7. Jay Urbanowicz says:

    +5 for the webcasts from P&P fans in Denver. We would even like you to stream the complete event. The GAT/BAT is a great aide.

  8. Tadek says:

    I’d prefer to participate in the live event, but I was late with my reservation.  I also vote for webcasts.

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