Last post of the year – We move!

Our communities have a new, big home; so update your bookmarks and favorites: The GotDotNet hosted sites (CAB, SCSF, MCSF, Updater, Offline) are all going to be moved to this CodePlex, including all the existing forum threads and content. We believe that this consolidation of related resources and the new CodePlex cool features (existing and planned) will…


Enterprise Library 3.0 – December 2006 CTP

New CTP version of Enterprise Library, new community web site: December 2006 CTP of Enterprise Library 3.0. Includes: A partial implementation of the Validation Application Block The Application Block Software Factory Visual Studio-integrated config tool DAAB enhancements By the way, Denis (with e-mail): the message you sent me through this blog has an…


How you use patterns – Survey

Via Dragos Manolescu: In the patterns & practices (p&p) group at Microsoft we have been using software patterns for several years. I’m working with a couple of colleagues on gauging how the folks employing the guidance coming out of p&p (such as guides, application blocks, software factories and reference implementations) have, are, and will be…


CAB & Smart Client Software Factory real world experiences

Mario Szpuszta from Microsoft Austria has written a fantastic whitepaper that captures his experiences in the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank with CAB and the Smart Client Software Factory. The paper has some very interesting sections that cover practical aspects of creating solutions with our frameworks and tools. It is divided in two sections, the first one covering core architecture topics such as identifying WorkItems,…


New Improved Recipes in the Web Client Software Factory

The new drop this week includes (much) improved recipes. one of the coolest features that we included is a “preview” pane, to get a sense of what the code will look like after the recipe runs: The two treeviews on the right, show the code structure that will result after the recipe completes all its…


Web Client Software Factory roadmap

Here’s a summary of our plans with the Web Client Software Factory for the next 7 months:   


Installing CAB on Vista

Most of our installers are having trouble in Vista. Among the reasons, the fact that we normally install our content under “Program Files” is something that Vista doesn’t like for security reasons. Tom has posted about this some time ago: To successfully install CAB on Windows Vista you must follow the following steps: Right…


First Guidance Package for the Web Client Software Factory available

Check out today’s drop of the Web Client Software Factory: The weekly drop includes a first release of the guidance package. You can use the guidance package to create an initial Web client solution. Also, in this release: Continued enhancements to the Composite Web Application Block New authorization HTTP module Reduced to two projects Continued…


ClickOnce, CAB and SCSF

A (very) frequent question we get is how to effectively use ClickOnce with CAB based applications. A very common issue is the simple fact that in a CAB application there are no explicit dependencies between the shell and modules, so out of the box deployment doesn’t work because ClickOnce doesn’t know in advance all the pieces that…


TechEd Europe – patterns & practices content sessions

Attending TechEd Europe? Don’t miss the great set of sessions by our own Don Smith & Tom Hollander: ARCWD01: Software Factory Futures (Tom) Tuesday 7th November, 16:00-17:15 ARCWD02: Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 3.0 (Tom) Wednesday 8th November, 09:00-10:15 Wednesday 8th November, 15:15-16:30 ARCWD04: Introducing the Service Factory (Don) Thursday 9th November, 15:45-17:00 Friday 10th…