CAB in Visual Basic.NET

We are very pleased to announce the release of the Composite UI Application Block Release Candidate for Visual Basic.NET to the Community. We know many of you were already developing solutions in Visual Basic.NET on top of CAB. That is a supported use case, but we also knew many of you actually preferred the block in…


An Apology to all our Community Members

As a product manager, I’m responsible, among other things, for the relationship between our Customers and my Team. As such, I’d like to apologize for the problems experienced during the last days with our Community sites hosted on GotDotNet.   I know that generally speaking your experience with our community sites is less than satisfactory….


CAB and ClickOnce

There have been a number of questions that we received about using ClickOnce and CAB based solutions. Peter has put together a good article covering this. Check it out here:   


Composite UI Application Block – November 2005 Release in C#

The Microsoft patterns & practices Smart Client Team is pleased to announce the release of the Composite UI Application Block (C# version) to the Community. Check the downloads section in this site to get the latest MSI. Highlights of the release:    – Tests for Visual Studio Team System and NUnit    – Comprehensive QuickStarts    – Full documentation    – Visual Basic.NET…