My next CAB projects

I've been playing with CAB bits for a while now. The team had this "project week" some time ago where every member would build an application using CAB and then would share experiences and suggest modifications. The goal is to improve the usability even further. Great ideas came out of this excercise.

I was no exception, although I didn't complete any of them on time. I couldn't really spend 100% of my time on this (or even 20%). Actually I only worked on these during the weekends. The Smart Client Architecture project (on that I will start writing about soon) got all my attention for the last 2 weeks.

Anyway, I'm working on two projects:

  • Project A: an update on my original GPS application (that I published some time ago and that it made its way into the first lab) BTW, the complete labs can be downloaded here, check the downloads section.
  • Project B: I located my old Lego Mindstorms (mine is version 1.5 that I bought like 5 or 6 years ago) set in the garage and I'm building an app to control a robot built with it. Actually, the first one I've built is kind of mix of a weather station and an explorer. My intention is to measure temperature (see the yellow sensor on the front), wind speed (the 2 white disks are attached to a rotation sensor at the bottom of the robot) and light (the blue box on the left top). It's also equiped with 2 engines for free movements

I got the robot built first. Now I'm working on the software. I'll post updates on these as soon as I can.

I must mention my 2 sons helped me build this one; with great suggestions 🙂

Comments (2)

  1. Norman Headlam says:

    Eugenio, the link for Project A did not lead to the project. Also, what forum will you share the lessons learned (i.e., Best Practices)?

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