Smart Client Community Participation Process

Thanks for everybody answering the patterns & practices Smart Client Program survey we published a month ago. We received hundreds of very valuable responses and will publish summarized results very soon. The guidance we plan to produce this year will be based on your feedback.

As a way to structure the interaction between our team and you, we have just published a draft version of our proposed Smart Client Community Participation in patterns & practices Development. This document describes the way we plan to interact with you, the expected steps for each of the projects, and your participation. 

The goal of explicitly stating this interaction is to provide transparency to our development process, build a more predictable channel for collecting your input and feedback, and to give you the chance to influence the type and content of patterns & practices assets in each stage of a project: requirements gathering, building, testing, and deployment.

Please send us your thoughts on the community process document. We are committed to create the best guidance for developing smart clients on the Microsoft platform.

Please join the patterns & practices Smart Client community ( The document is available to download in the releases sections.

Thanks in advance!

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