What do you need to build VC++ in 2010?

As you probably know, Visual C++ projects in VS 2010 use MSBuild to build. That works fine when you have Visual Studio installed, but can you build your C++ stuff without Visual Studio installed? One could build C#/VB projects with only .NET Framework installed, and prior to 2010, to build VC++ you only needed Windows…


MSBuild resources reference page

.NET 4.0 and MSBuild 4.0 are out there now, but resources are still ramping up. So as a quick time saver, I have created the biggest most complete no-nonsense 100% satisfaction guarantee MSBuild resources reference page. 🙂 That will be updated as newer content comes online. Enjoy!


MSBuild resources

MSBuild Resources Official docs: MSBuild MSDN portal, MSBuild Reference, MSBuild Support forums Blogs of note: MSBuild Team blog, Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi’s blog, Mike Fourie’s blog. Task libraries: MSBuild Extension Pack GUI editors: MSBuild Sidekick  Note: do not rely on Channel 9 MSBuild wiki – the resource is outdated and not maintained MSBuild 4.0 Resources Multi-targeting –…


StyleCop Check-in Policy updated (v. 1.3)

I have updated TFS check-in policy for StyleCop and also compiled a version for TFS 2010 (now that it has RTM’ed). The sources and MSIs (one for TFS 2008 and one for TFS 2010) are now available at MSDN Code Gallery. Enjoy!


TFS2010: Connecting using TFS 2008 object model

Can you connect to TFS 2010 server using 2008 client? Sure you can! There are couple of gotchas to be aware of, specifically you’d be better off installing an update for TFS 2008; if you do not the following message comes up: Grant Holliday wrote very detailed post on what needs to be installed and…


TFS2010: Who am I? (getting logged in user info)

When you login to TFS using object model, sometimes it may be useful to get information about logged in user (such as domain, account, email etc.). In TFS 2008 object model, one would get the logged in user display name, domain name, account name and email as following:     1 TeamFoundationServer server = new TeamFoundationServer("tfsserver",    …


TFS2010: Getting connected in new object model

When starting up with TFS 2010 object model, there are few gotchas to be aware of (especially if you did coding for TFS OM 2005/2008 in the past). See my previous post for high-level details: In 2008 one would establish connection to TFS as follows    1 string[] servers = RegisteredServers.GetServerNames();    2     3 // select…


TFS2010: And the tools are there too!

In my previous post, I was talking about using making your custom tools ready for TFS 2010 with SDK. But what about other tools, say you? And not to worry, here you go (and I included not only TFS but VS tools as well): Team Foundation Server Power Tools for 2010 Beta 2 are available…


TFS2010: And there is an SDK for that!

So may be now you have finally got your hands on Beta 2 of TFS 2010 (for example, using one of the excellent VHDs prepared by Brian Randell) and it is time to see how your custom applications written for 2008 fare (do not worry, you will be fine!). Here are few notes that should…


TFS Destroy – friend or foe?

While everyone else is blogging about VS 2010 Beta 2, I thought it still may be worth publishing this post that talks about VS 2008 behavior (yes, the old release ;). One of the features missing in VS 2005 and added in VS 2008 was destroy command; people wanted to get rid of the source…