Reports in Management Packs.

In my previous post “Authoring reports for SCOM 2007” I said that there are basically tree ways to author new reports for SCOM 2007. Create a linked report, use Report Builder or create a custom report using Visual Studio. The best way to introduce a new report in the system is to include it in…


SCOM 2007 Report Catalog

Data from two sources is combined when report hierarchy is displayed in the Operations Manager console. List of reports always comes from SSRS while additional metadata like report display name and knowledge come from management packs. OpsMgr console always looks for everything under SSRS root folder and shows it under the Reporting node in the…


Authoring reports for System Center Operations Manager 2007

My name is Eugene Bykov and I am a developer responsible for reporting user interface in Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. I frequently get asked questions about new Operations Manager 2007 reporting infrastructure and ways of adopting it to needs of particular organization. I will try to answer some of those questions in this blog….