Tech Ed SQL Goodies

Data Dude CTP bits can be got here, its an .img file which I a cd image, hence needs either exploded or burnt to cd before installing. I have been playing with this a lot the last few days and I am very impressed with the schema diff which I have been using to test…


Paul Randal (Mr DBCC) is now blogging

Paul is the Lead PM for the SQL Server Storage Engine and is formerly the dev lead for Access Methods, some good stuff in here already, his cabanna talk should be fun, thats almost worthy of a mythbuster!


Video Diary Completed

I had some challenges with the final clips for but all the clips of the team are there now. We’ll probably tear down the streaming server in a month but you’ll be able to download clips for the duration. Highlights include the BI Power Hour and some more fashion advice from our Geek Eye for the…


SQL Server 64 bit Demos from WinHEC

I did not realise we had put the video of this live, very cool. The demos show 32bit vs 64 bit SSIS and then 32 bit vs 64bit SQL failing over. Francois did a slightly different version of the same demo at TechEd, except we had the battlebot come wreck the switch.


TechEd and Creativity

This year as always was another year at TechEd when I once more had my belief that Software/IT is as much art as science. Some of the booths looked really impressive(racing cars, rock climbing walls, canoes, parrot hats,…) some of the giveaways and also competition winners(someone managed to perform 300k steps with their pedometer(s) to…


Next round of the video diary

Looks like I am runing about a day behind(all of a sudden I have a lot of sympathy for the Channel9 guys). I am currently uploading day 2, there is about 70MB and its going to take several hours so I’ll flip the switch in the morning. I made a change to support http based…


How big is Tech Ed?

Well I am actually impressed this year that the conference seems to be a lot denser than in the past, something my knees are appreciating, however it always intrigued me as at how far I walk at one of these things. Well I should wonder no more, we have been giving out SQL Server 2005…


Did you miss this in SteveB’s keynote?

We have launched Microsoft Update Service and also Windows Server Update Services. Why is this important to SQL Server customers? You will now be able to get SQL Server patches via a Windows Update like system. WSUS allows corps to control this rather than letting users do this from their desktops. We are going to…


Sneak Peak?

If you are at Tech Ed, ask Michiel Wories for a peak at his Mercury prototype…


Geek Eye for the Tech Ed Guy

Brian Welcker the GPM for Reporting Services has evolved into a form of Geek Eye for the TechEd Guy fashion advisor. We have a couple of clips of him up on and I am currently encoding 2 more. Brian is a man with such pride in his appearance that he actually has been ironing…