Yipeeeeee, PDC time!

Yep I’m off to LA at the end of the week. Originally I was supposed to do a session on Software Quality and Diagnostics for Services, but we gave that slot to some other folks, then I was not going, then I was added to the booth/lounge team and now I also have lunch panel…


PDC: Free copy of SQL Server Std, clarification

The original version of the registration web site for the free copy of SQL Server, said that the offer only applied to customers in the US and Canada, absed on the feedback from folks at PDC we have been able to adjust the offer. The page has now been updated to reflect worldwide support.  …


PDC Clarification: Free Copy of SQL Server

EricR announced in his PDC keynote this morning some stuff on SQL Server, I want to clarify it. Sept CTP (and VS 2005 RC) can be collected from the Materials Distribution Centre (same place as the t-shirts and the DVD kit) after BobMus keynote tomorrow. The free copy of SQL Server is a copy of…


The road to PDC: we shipped the dry run throughs

For the last 9 days we have been doing a series if dry run throughs of the sessions for PDC, these are internal msonly but we are getting great feedback from MS employees. We have some killer sessions and we have a few that need more work still, but thats why we are undertaking this…


WinFS Beta 1 bits (almost) available

Tom Rizzo posted earlier today, there are also several articles out there in the wild in the press which also refer to the WinFS content at PDC.


My personal pick of PDC Days -1 to 1

The full agenda (well as of right now) has been posted on http://commnet.microsoftpdc.com/content/sessions.aspx I’m going to post my personal agenda for each day, that if I was going to PDC as an attendee I would choose to go to, obviously at the event I am likely to be scurrying around behind the scenes but I…


Decoding the PDC Lingo on Data

One of the challenges I alluded to earlier in the PDC process was that we were struggling to provide interesting session titles about some of the new technologies, with out talking about  them, I think we did an pretty good job on most. Of course as we get closer some people become more of a…


PDC Data and Systems, better late than never

Woop Woop, the sessions are live; http://commnet.microsoftpdc.com/content/sessions.aspx   And now back to roadtrip hell…


Is PDC worth it?

Interesting post here. Its a very fair question to ask. I’ve been more closely involved in PDC planning this year than ever before, especially the content planning. The team has been very aware of some of the well made points in the post and comments. We know we need to make PDC relevant to all developers, to…