FAQ: How do I query Active Directory from SQL Server?

There are several ways but the most commonly used approach of using linked servers hits ona  1000 row limit in the AD OLE DB Provider, here is a solution using SQL CLR, I have not tried it but if it works as advertised then it should help, beware it does use SQLCLR.    


FAQ: How do I connect to Excel 12 in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

This question has been coming up a lot internally lately, short answer is: Data Source=D:\Test.xlsx;Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0; Extended Properties=Excel 8.0; Note that the provider is no longer JET but the new data engine from the office team and that you need to set the extended property for the right version. However one of the answers to the…


FAQ: SQL Server and Sequence Objects/Generators

SQL Server 2005 includes a lot of changes to help make moving from Oracle to SQL Server easier, these include; – User Schema separation – Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) – Synonyms – Recursive Queries(CTEs) and some other smaller issues. However there is one feature if you have any serious Orcle development, especially as an…


FAQ: How do I add new licenses to SQL Server 2005 or How do I change the licensing mode

In previous versions of SQL Server there was a licensing app that was integrated into control panel and was exposed via setup. It allowed you to enter the type of license you had for your server(Server+CAL or per CPU) and if you were using a CAL option then it allowed you to increase the number…

FAQ: How do I import/export data with SQL Express

As a follow up to Tuesdays post, lets take a look at how this changes with SQL Express. (as always a little history) In MSDE for SQL Server 7/2000 the DTS runtime was included, this included the Package and Pump object models as well as the dtsrun tool, but there was no wizard and no…