Actioning Feedback: Reporting Services "All"

I’m sad, I admit there are sometimes very small things that get added to products that get me excited, one of my fave small things in SSRS 2005 was Multi Value parameters. The All option was especially handy for a bunch of reports that we use internally, especially over here in Team System land. For…


Actioning Feedback: Data Dude CTP5 Refresh

While it always sucks to reship something the Data Dude folks have made the right call with the refresh on CTP 5. You can read about it here.


Reports in Management Studio

One of the cooler features in SSMS is the vast amount of info thats integrated via the summary page and its reports. Almost since the first day we showed these there have been 2 questions that alwsy come up.; 1/ Can I get the RDL for the report so I can tweak it/put it on…


Hows your join theory?

I linked to Craig’s blog when he started but he has had a series of CRACKING posts on joins. I highly recomend reading the summary post, lots of good stuff in here and its readable and written for humans. The SQL Server QP team are scary smart and have some of the most dense code…


Data Dude CTP 5 is out

In case you missed the 1,000s of other posts you can find it here. Highlights so far (for me at least) more stability, lots of copol options via project properties and the start of support for SQL 2005 features/objects, they are not all there yet but its a good sign. Gert and Cameron have more info…


Time to vote on Made in Express

Have you been following Made In Express? If not then its still ok, the 12 finalists are done and now you have a chance to vote on the winner, there are some great apps in there. Personally I like the curmudgeon chat bot on a point of principle<g>


The final word(for now) on Import/Export

The folks at SQLTeam have done some analysis on different ways of importing text files, you can read the info here; And of course Gert has a ton of good data on high perf loading here;


The BOL train keeps rolling

The 3rd update to SQL Server 2005 Books On Line(BOL) is now available here, also the online version is updated. 3 Updates less than a year after RTM, great work by the UE team.


FAQ: How do I import/export data with SQL Express

As a follow up to Tuesdays post, lets take a look at how this changes with SQL Express. (as always a little history) In MSDE for SQL Server 7/2000 the DTS runtime was included, this included the Package and Pump object models as well as the dtsrun tool, but there was no wizard and no…