PDC: D-2

Its Saturday and I am hanging out in the fabby LA weather, high 80's today. I spent the day at the SoCal CodeCamp, no sessions for me to present today so I got spend the day listening to other folks. There is nothing more educational than watching other people present on the product you work on every day. I went to a couple of interesting test sessions, one on SQL Server and another one on design.

Got to watch the dodgy aussie brothers present (Grant Holliday and Charles Sterling) on VSTS2010, great stuff.

All of this was conducted on the spectacular USC campus which was only 10 mins away from the Convention Center, it was weird watching a bunch of gray haired old foggies like me and Charlie Calvert having lunch surrounded by the students in the cafeteria.

Great location for an event I thought, although I thought it could have been a tad easier to find our way around 🙂

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