SQL Server 2008, Express Edition now available

Get it here. No tools or advanced services yet, but they will be here shortly. Good info on this page but beware its download link points to 2005 still.

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  1. bad link. i can’t download this.

  2. Konto,

    First link redirects to the download page for me just fine, can you try again, maye flush any caches you have?

  3. Krunal says:

    hi euan,

    finally got the links.

    i think management studio is not available in express edition.

    is there any direct link for management studio which works with sql 2008 express?

  4. Phylyp says:

    Hmm, and now that I’ve upgraded my SQL Server 2005 Express instance to 2008 Express, I can no longer connect to it via SSMSE 2005 – neither Object Explorer or the query windows.


    Any hints when SSMSE 2008 (aka SSEE with Tools) will be out?

  5. Phylyp says:

    My earlier comment might sound a bit negative… I’m thrilled to already have my hands on SSEE 2008, and am madly eager to get my hands on SSMSEE 🙂

  6. Currently the express tools are not available, I’ll announce as soon as I find out, it should be long, as I said in an earlier post this is really rolling release.

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