SQL Server 2008: Why do all the Microsoft web sites still point at and talk about SQL Server 2005

In short there is a "rolling thunder" plan to both release bits and update all the sites.

Yesterday the MSDN subscriber sites were updated, also the MVP and TAP sites.

Today Eval Edition and Feature Pack became available

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  1. Simon H says:

    Thats a bit of a silly question. The reason why all the sites still refer to 2005 a lot is because the vast majority of DBAs are currently using 2005 and will be for a fair while yet!

    If MS switched to 2008 immediately I think there would be a lot of angry DBAs and developers 🙂

  2. Krunal says:


    i agree with euan. why ms is not creating gallery for the sql 2008 editions. there are only ent version available not the sql 2008 express and advanced version.

    when this will be available?

  3. Krunal,

    As I explained in one of the other posts Express is a joint ship between VS and SQL so it needs to wait for VS 2008 Sp1.

    The KB I referenced below says 8/11 for that to be available

  4. Harry says:

    I want to start programing and database managment. I don’t want to use Access. Can I start using sql on my laptop with regular configuration.

    Are there books available for the same. Please consider I am a novice of SQL.

  5. Harry,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of data-centric apps!

    I would suggest you start by downloading one of the express editions of visual studio along with the express edition of sql server.

    There is lots of info on SQL Server 2005 Express and some books and tools. SQL Server 2008 Express is the newest version but all the tools and books are not there yet.

    You could also look at SQl Server Compact Edition.

    There are forums on http://forums.microsoft.com/msdn dedicated to express, compact and also new users.



  6. Colin Leversuch-Roberts says:

    Yup and now it’s gone totally the other way and it’s almost impossible to find information on-line for w2k3 or sql2005 on msdn or technet – thanks!

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