SQL Server 2008 CTP’s and "Leap Day"

Apparently there is an issue in the CTPs of SQL Server 2008 related to leap year.  Although there is no known impact on SQL Server 2005 or prior versions at this time. The result of this issue is that SQL Server 2008 services will not start during the 24 hours of Feb 29 GMT.

Action: Do NOT stop or restart any SQL Server 2008 services during those 24 hours.

. Modifying the system time is not a work-around, may cause side-effects, and is strongly discouraged.
. At this time, there is no known customer impact on SQL Server 2005 or prior versions
. There is no known danger of data corruption or security exposure
. This is on all editions of SQL Server 2008
. This is on all operating systems

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  1. Tom Ppullen says:

    Changing the system date may not be encouraged, but for someone struggling to get a demo ready to present at a conference on 1st March, it was the only thing to do!

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