Rosario Nov CTP: Great Walkthrough of Planning and Executing Tests from one of our MVPs

I love our MVPs (most of the time <g>) I was about to sit down, after watching the Seahawks win the division again, and write a lap around the November CTP from a test perspective. However Grant Holliday has 2 great posts.

In general he gets it all right, including the speculation about what Shared Step Sets are for, but the one big step he misses (and I have sent him mail on this). If you re-open a test case after running it once with background recording on, then you can play the case back automatically.

Nice work Grant:

November Rosario CTP - Planning A Testing Effort with Camano

November Rosario CTP - Executing Manual Test Cases

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  1. Jon says:

    Hello…I am really unsure about where to report this sort of thing, so maybe you can help me..

    In SQL Server 2008 Katmai CTP, When working with two publications that contain articles of the same table in both, setting the merge publication directionality in one publication changes it in the other..I think this is a genuine bug, and if it’s not it’s certainly very annoying.. If this has reached you in error, maybe you can point me in the right direction?

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