A little Database/Developer Humour

Is it good or bad that we have cartoons about SQL Injection related problems?  http://xkcd.com/327/ Thanks Akin for the link


Forcing Termination of User SQL Sessions so I can "DROP DATABASE"

Once again from the internal dbtalk alias. The person in question recreated their database from scratch as part of  a batch job every night and had   USE MASTER GO DROP DATABASE FOO GO in their script and obviously it was not working. The basic problem here is another process in the db that prevents…


SSMS Window Animation Speed

Great little tidbit from the forums here, if you want to change the speed of animation of the fly in/out windows in SSMS. I tried this on 2 machines, it worked on one, did not on the other, YMMV. 1. Close SQL Server Management Studio.2. Open this file in a text editor C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My…