Data Dude Power Tools V1 Available

Stealing shamelessly from the mail Gert sent internally, I'm downloading now...


The Power Tools contain an impressing first set of new features;

  • Dependency Viewer
  • Refactoring

    • Move Schema
    • Expand Wildcard
    • Fully Quality Name
    • Refactor in to strongly typed DataSet definitions
    • Refactor Command Generator

  • Data Generation

    • Sequential Data Bound Generator
    • Editors for the Data Bound Generator, Sequential Data Bound Generator and RegEx String Generator to make configuration easier
    • The RegEx editor also tries to interpret your CHECK CONSTRAINTs and create a matching RegEx expression that you can use to generate data values that match the constraint definition
    • The RegEx editor can also be used for interactively defining and testing RegEx expressions and evaluate the output visually, which makes it a lot easier to create the right RegEx expression for your value domain.

  • MSBuild Tasks

    • SqlSchemaCompareTask; allows you to compare schemas between two database from the command line using MSBuild.
    • SqlDataCompareTask; allows you to compare the content of tables within two databases from the command line using MSBuild.

  • T-SQL Static Code Analysis
  •  Miscellaneous tools

    • SQL script pre-processor command-line utility, which will expand all SQLCMD includes and variable definitions (sqlspp.exe)

  • Schema Manager API

See for a more detailed explanation.

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