Database Diagrams, Feedback and Usage

Database Diagrams in SQL Server 2005 and VS 2005 were one of the more *ahem* controversial issues. If you remember at one point they were cut, then they came back, mostly as a result of the overwhelming feedback on them.

Well (Data Dudette) Mairead now owns them and is looking for feedback, here is the entry to respond to.

Comments (2)

  1. David Harrison says:

    As a developer as use the diagram everyday. I’m experiencing a lot of frustration with the new SQL 2005 diagram tool. Main annoyances are:

    1. The tables take up much more space than in sql2k, meaning that it’s much harder to get all your tables to fit on a page when printing. It’s also jacked up all of my diagrams that I moved over from 2k.

    2. Probably the most annoying thing is with the organizing/moving relationship lines. Even if you get them in a perfectly straight line (which can be difficult) they keep remain segmented (keep their joints)… so when you try to move them the straight line breaks… so you have to move both segments seperatly. Super annoying!

    3. Print quality is poor.

    Thanks… I hope you get these fixed soon.

  2. Bruce Earnley says:

    A few comments to expand on David Harrison’s feedback:

    1.  The application crashes surprisingly often when working on diagrams.   Frequent Save is essential.

    2.  Page setup is necessary every time I start an editing session.  It forgets that I am drawing on 11×17 sheets.

    3.  Printing a page that is not at 100% zoom gives unpredictable output.  Tables are rerendered and scroll bars reappear as rows disappear.

    4.  When you change zoom level, you need to slide the window around so that tables pass out of view and get rerendered.

    5.  Printed tables look like there is a missing font.  The left column boxes are partly shaded, and there is a strange multi-shaded band below the last row in the table.

    6.  I have had to stretch the layout of all of my SQL 2000 diagrams because rows in tables are now depicted with more height.

    This is a very weak visual layout tool.  Do the SQL Server folks know that Microsoft acquired Visio several years ago?

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