FAQ: When will there be a Best Practices Analyzer for SQl Server 2005?

Soon according to Paul.

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  1. Nancy says:

    I saw your blog under SQL Server category. Hope you can help me out from my problem.

    It is about a linked server for FoxPro. I wonder if there is an option for SQL server configuration to make sure logical value true in FoxPro table to be -1 in SQL server view.

    We had a long history product which was working fine untill the customer update SQL server 7 to SQL 2000. It was reported one of function doesn’t work any more in the software system. After I digged into those legacy codes and found that one status data value in the table is either 0 or 1. However, in our codes and some stored procedure we are looking for value -1. Since this table is Fox Pro table and that status field is logical datatype in Fox table. I guess there must be some configuration to convert to 0 when it is False and to 1 or -1 when it is True in Fox table. We use Microsoft OLE DB provider for ODBC drivers. At this point, neither we or customer don’t know how SQL server was configured before. Also we don’t want to change our codes or stroed procedures to look for value 1 instead of -1 if SQL database can be configured to make it work. I will appreciate your any input for this issue. Thanks in advance. My email is nancy.li@spacelabs.com. Thank you very much for any clue about this.

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