Rosario Nov CTP: Great Walkthrough of Planning and Executing Tests from one of our MVPs

I love our MVPs (most of the time <g>) I was about to sit down, after watching the Seahawks win the division again, and write a lap around the November CTP from a test perspective. However Grant Holliday has 2 great posts. In general he gets it all right, including the speculation about what Shared…


SQL Server 2008: Reporting Services no longer needs IIS?

Title says it all, but is this really a feature you can benefit from or is it some piece of random engineering that the dev team decided to do because it would be “fun”? One of the big challenges with SSRS has always been config, in fact I would argue its a problem for all…


SQL Server Customer Advisory Team

I’ve talked about the SQLCAT team before and the great content they produce, you may have had a chance to sit in on one of their sessions at PASS or elsewhere. Well the team is trying a new outlet, richer than the std blog interface, they are testing a new web site. They’ve started out…


Playing with SQL 2008, long gestation features – Spatial Support

There are a bunch of features in SQL 2008 that have been on the ask list for a VERY long time. I suspect DATE and TIME types will win the prize as I remember asking for these as a customer of 6.5 10 years ago. However one that’s been around for a long time (I…


Visual Studio Support for SQL 2008 Nov CTP

For those of you who remember the “fun” days of the Yukon + Whidbey dance you are likely trying to forget the challenges of getting good builds of both that would work together via the same NetFx, Shell etc. Well this should be much less of a problem going fwds and as such the VS…


SQL Server 2008 November CTP/CTP 5 Arrives

Just got the following link from Connect;   Looks like the first version of SQL 2008 Express is included. There is sooo much goodness in this CTP it deserves a separate post but some highlights; Upgrade(but not of clusters) Performance Data Warehouse for SQL Engine Compression Resource Governor Transparent Data Encryption FILESTREAM Data Type Geospatial…


Compression: Whats the difference between SQL2005 and SQL2008?

Looks like some folks are confused about the functionality and differences so let me try and explain and give some pointers to great blog entries for more details.   SQL2005 Compression was added to SQL Server 2005 as part of SP2 and it was added via a new “type”. The primary goal here was to…


Getting to know SQL Server 2008: Training, WebCasts and Virtual Labs

(Updated, fixed broken links mangled by Live Writer) Thanks to Francois here is a bunch of info on SQL 2008, some I have posted the base link for before but there is a bunch of new stuff;   Check out this elearning – And webcasts:   And some new Virtual Labs: MSDN Virtual…


A little Database/Developer Humour

Is it good or bad that we have cartoons about SQL Injection related problems? Thanks Akin for the link