Final CTP of SQL Server 2005 SP2

Just in time for Christmas get it here. This will be the last CTP of SP2 so get testing and have a great festive season.


New Best Practices Site + 2 x SQL 2005 Systems > 200TB

I was reading through some of the PASS slides from MS Presenters that were shared out internally. Mark Souza had what looked like an amazing session, some of the highlights; There is a new Best Practices site here, lots of good stuff. Some other random stats from Marks session, all SQL 2005 related; – There…


Data Dude is now available to MSDN customers

You can get it here, more details from Gert here Congrats to the team, its less than 2 years since data dude was a series of box and lines on a whiteboard, its a great product, enjoy.


FAQ: SQL Server and Sequence Objects/Generators

SQL Server 2005 includes a lot of changes to help make moving from Oracle to SQL Server easier, these include; – User Schema separation – Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) – Synonyms – Recursive Queries(CTEs) and some other smaller issues. However there is one feature if you have any serious Orcle development, especially as an…