SQL Server 2005, SP2 CTP Available

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I know a lot of people wanted more issues addressed in SP1 but there are all sorts of complex timing issues when it comes to planning an SP, especially on a new code base like SQL2005. This SP has a LOT in it, the focus areas were around integration with Office 2007, Vista support and accumulated customer feedback some highlights for me;

Support for Vista

Office 2007 BI Integration for SSAS and SSRS

Support for Hyperion Essbase in SSRS

Support for Oracle in SSRS Report Builder


Maintenance Plans - LOTS

NEW Datatype in SQL Server Database Engine vardecimal, a compressed decimal type

Common Criteria support in SQL EE

Reports in SSMS, customizable, more perf, easier to discover

Scripting in SSMS, drops as well as creates, richer options

SSMS Express, support for reports, support for SQL Server Compact Edition

Graphical Showplan, better use of space


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  1. Matias Nino says:

    Thank you muchly sir!

    CDW is now able to successfully select my database to copy from my shared hosting commercial provider without erroring out due to the other databases on the server.

    Works like a charm!

    Long live SSMS! 🙂

  2. Leon Nel says:

    Just installed the Management Studio CTP SP2, and the handling of the tabbed windows is just as crap as before.  On the support forums, this was an issue that Microsoft said they will sort out in the next service pack.  Seems not.

  3. Leon Nel says:

    You’d think this would be easy to fix in SP2, come on Microsoft. What is the use of having a feedback centre and doing nothing about it.



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