SQL Server 2005 SP1, Its here!!!!!!!!!!!

This is quite the service pack....

  • Database Mirroring is now supported in production, the extra feedback we got from our Technology Adoption Program Partners has allowed us to provide an even better solution.
  • SQL Server Management Studio - Express Edition, if ever there was a tool that needed a cool (short) codename...
  • Express Advanced (inc Reporting and Full Text)
  • More SAP Connectivity
  • Lots of other fixes, changes.

Its going to be live in a few hours, I'll post the link once I get it.


Update: Dan has a plethora of good links on SP1 here.

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  1. The release version of SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1 is now available for download here.  While…

  2. Azazel says:

    i need it

  3. Tim Toennies says:


    I’ve tried installing SP1 a few times this morning on my notebook & I keep getting this error in a popup window: unable to install Windows Installer MSP file.  This occurs when attempting to install the Setup Support Files (the SQL Server Native Client install is succesful).  I have captured screen shots & the install log.  Is there someone I can send this to?? Thanks for your help.

  4. Just caught wind of this on Euan Garden’s blog.  Euan talks about what’s new here.


  5. Timo Pellikka says:

    I Like it, but as you Know the download pakages are just too big as they where at 1800’s.

    With reagrds,

    Timoa Pellikka

  6. iSMO says:

    When hare MS release som fix for so we can install SP1 have some problems with the update of database with hotfix.exe


  7. Tim,

    Sorry for the delay. Your bets bet is either the setup newsgroup or the setup MSDN forums if you want community support. The other option is to call customer support services (CSS)

  8. /iS,

    What problems are you having? Have you posted in the setup newsgroup or forum to get help?

  9. Nils Loeber says:

    Does Microsoft plan to release an integrated install package of RTM+SP1, so that you don’t have to seperately install both on a new machine?

  10. nojetlag says:

    It’s great that SP1 is available however the official Microsoft download website really wouldn’t suffer from a clean and short overview of the changes that SP1 includes. Downloading from MS always is fast but getting a quick overview what a SP includes is always a pain. Ways to improve there

  11. ttoennies says:

    FYI Euan, this MSDN feedback article was exactly my problem & solution.  http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/productfeedback/viewfeedback.aspx?feedbackid=01fbed6b-cb29-417e-ad24-56183fb91593

  12. Nils,

    Check out this post, http://blogs.msdn.com/euanga/archive/2006/04/27/584637.aspx


    I’ll pass that onto the web team.


    Thx for following up so others can see what it was

  13. Akash says:

    I have applied SP on top of SQL2005 OOTB.

    I have 2 scripts that do a simultaneous update on alternate db records. with SQL 2005 the latter process goes to a WAIT state till the former completes.

    But with SP1 applied i get an error message.

    I have applied READ COMMITTED SNAPSHOT isolation level.

    Has anybody encountered this error

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