SQL Server Everywhere Edition, FAQ

Steve Lasker has a great FAQ on SQL Server Everywhere Edition, it seems like there is a little confusion out there and some FUD (a sign that its a cool idea methinks).

As it was Steves team that help drive some of thinking it should be a good place to hang out...

Comments (3)

  1. amit tripathi says:

    y sql server is much compatable with .net framework

  2. John Ingres says:

    It seems difficult to have hard facts about the availability of the product. In our scenario, SQL/e could be used as a local cache (n tiers apps), but the fact that there are no MS committements on the availability raises the risks.

  3. Euan Garden says:


    We have been very clear, it will be available in RTM form by the end of the year with a CTP in the summer. You can develop with it now using SQL Server Mobile in VS2005.

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