SQL Server Everywhere Edition, FAQ

Steve Lasker has a great FAQ on SQL Server Everywhere Edition, it seems like there is a little confusion out there and some FUD (a sign that its a cool idea methinks).

As it was Steves team that help drive some of thinking it should be a good place to hang out...

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  1. amit tripathi says:

    y sql server is much compatable with .net framework

  2. John Ingres says:

    It seems difficult to have hard facts about the availability of the product. In our scenario, SQL/e could be used as a local cache (n tiers apps), but the fact that there are no MS committements on the availability raises the risks.

  3. John,

    We have been very clear, it will be available in RTM form by the end of the year with a CTP in the summer. You can develop with it now using SQL Server Mobile in VS2005.

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