More free money from Express Editions!

Well Amazon "money" at least.

Instead of coming up with a cool app, this time all you have to do is tell us about an existing one you have and cha-ching $100 is yours!

Comments (3)

  1. larry.c says:

    SQL Server 2005 is a powerful and easy-to-use database, more powerful and efficient than many other DBMS, while cost little resource and easy to use.

  2. Chief78CJ7 says:

    Cool app?.. I feel "Task Info" is a must have.

    *One* thing Ive used it for is to tell the "position" a file transfer is at.  With that I can tell how far a large tlog ship job is.  I’ve had huge tlog files (because of reindexing job/etc on the source db) and like to know how far the transfer is.

    Otherwise, its very good about showing what processes are running, files open, etc, etc.  "Must have" in my book.

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