Woop Woop…SQL Server Wins Best Database at the Jolt Awards


Oh and congrats to Brad who was nominated for Design Guidelines (still waiting for my copy to arrive from Amazon)

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  1. Phylyp says:

    This seems like a nice place to put in my comments about SQL Server Express.

    A couple of years back, I was interested in moving beyond using Access for a client-server app (in my college). I had heard good stuff about MSDE.

    Installed it, and felt a bit down by the fact that I either had to use OSQL, or Access (via ADP). Even then I couldn’t manage the DB.

    Fast forward to last year, and we have the free SQL Server Express, with the SSMS-E CTP providing a great startup.

    Proof of your success – Oracle releasing XE 🙂

    Validation of your success – the Jolt award.

    Please pass on my congratulations to the SQL Server developers, testers [and beta users].

  2. Phylyp,

    Thanks for those kind words!

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