SQL Server 2005 SP1 CTP Available

Grant just sent the mail, 2040 is the SP1 CTP build. Now this post will not appear until tomorrow at 6am so I don't know for sure but the build should be available here a couple of hours after I write this (16:00 Pacific Mar 15).

As with all SPs there is lots of little stuff, some you may have hit some you may have not, but the big news is that Database Mirroring will be supported in production with SP1. We made changes based on the feedback we got during the RTM CTP process, we have also been working privately with customers(~50) in advance of this CTP to get their further feedback. One of the pieces of feedback was the desire for a Monitor UI to get an overview of whats going on, well thats part of the CTP so enjoy.

This will likely be the only CTP for SP1 so get us the feedback as soon as you can.

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  1. Sjoerd Verweij says:

    Not there yet…

    And is there a fixlist? If I hit one more optimizer regression, I am going to scream  🙂

  2. I’m thinking you probably want to point to an absolute URL there…

  3. Ok thats what I get for trying to be ahead of the game for once. The bits are not there yet, current eta is 2pm Pacific.

    I also fixed the link (thanks Mike)

  4. Paul says:

    Hi – Will there be a CTP build for SQL Server 2005 Express?

  5. Andy Ball says:

    cool – so does this include the COM Callable Wrapper for SMO so I can call from VBScript. Or is that soooooooo 20th Century ?


  6. Andy Ball says:

    sorry me again.. There was talk of being able to slipstream the sp’s in 2005 , is that the case ?

    thanks , and good congrats on todays results @ Commonwealth Games 🙂

  7. Dave says:

    I notice on the SQL Express page that Managment Studio Express is mentioned, but no downloads available.  Is this still to come?

  8. Andy,

    Currently the CCW’s are not in the SP I sent mail asking for a status update.

    Andy (again),

    Only SQL Express is currently planned to be slip streamed.


    Express is available here, http://blogs.msdn.com/sqlexpress/archive/2006/03/16/Express_CTP.aspx

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  11. A link to the SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1 March 2006 Community Technology Preview is provided.

  12. Susan says:


    Please be specific on the editions affected by the database mirroring as it will not be in workgroup… also that web site ‘Advertises" that SQL 2005 can do database mirroring now.

    You mean it couldn’t before?

  13. Susan,

    Actually I am not going to be specific in the blog about what features are in what SKU as things change, the page you point to is the definitive reference, if we change something we make the change in one place.

    SQL Server 2005 has been able to do mirroring since RTM, it has not been generaly supported in production however it has been available for testing/evaluation. It is supported in production with SP1 that is one of the big changes with SP1 and one of the drivers behind delivering it.

  14. Warren says:

    What is the projected date of actual RTM of the SP1?  Thanks!

  15. Warren,

    H1 this year depending on feedback from the CTP, could be as early as May

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