SQL Server JDBC Driver RTMs

You can download the new SQL Server 2000/2005 JDBC Driver here.

If you have not been following this is a new JDBC driver that we built from scratch(the previous one was licensed), it includes perf and transaction support improvements as well as support for new SQL Server 2005 features such as XML. We are still working on getting it certified with the common J2EE App Servers so watch this space.

Oh and did I mention it was free?

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  1. Garry Trinder says:

    MARS in thouse JDBC ?

  2. BWC says:

    Forgive me if it’s documented somewhere else… What happened to the trusted authentication support? The previous beta versions supported this.

  3. Re: MARS — no, this driver doesn’t implement the SQL Server MARS feature, but we plan to add it in a future release later this year.

    Re: Integrated Auth — based on feedback from beta customers we decided we would delay this feature for one more release. Look for this in our v1.1 which will ship around the SQL Server 2005 SP1 timeframe.


  4. Euan,

    You want to be careful saying its free. Historically, free products from MS don’t fare as well as they might and I’m convinced that the reason is the pervading attitude of "Its free so it can’t be any good".

    Business Info Portal, SQL Server BI Accelerator, various Excel plug-is for AS, MSDE, etc… they all suffered from it!

    Of course, you can argue that they WERE successful based on someone or other’s market penetration stats but lets be honest – those products will hardly go down in the annals of history will they?

    Just my 2 penneth.


  5. Tim Toennies says:

    Wow… delaying the integrated auth feature is truly a heartbreak for us Euan. To improve our ability to support SOX compliance we’ve been desperately trying to get our apps people to use integrated auth. but to now hear that it still wont come until SP1 is really a bad development.

  6. Euan Garden says:


    Fair point but I think a lot of "free" stuff has been successful, SQL Express, MSDE, SSABI and the scorecard was actually downloaded very heavily.

  7. Euan Garden says:


    I hear ya on the disapointment but would you have waited several more months for it?(Genuinly interested in your opinion).

    Anyway Shelby is the PM for the project and he will be reading this so you can be sure your pain is felt my him.

  8. Shelby Goerlitz [MSFT] says:


    I definitely feel your pain on integrated auth. I’ve been fielding questions on JDBC for more than 4 years (I am also PM for our older Data Direct licened driver — which doesn’t have integrated auth) and it’s consistently been one of the top 3 asks. It is, however, a non-trivial feature and we ultimately had to make a hard call — ship a partly-finished solution now, or get it right for v1.1 in June. It was a painful cut, but considering the risks involved with not being thorough, I’m convinced we made the right decision.

    I’m curious about your expectations for this feature — are your app devs working on Windows only and looking for a type-2 style solution with a helper DLL, or are you looking for a Java-only Kerberos implementation that can be used cross-platform with the right network configuration?


  9. Scott Hartley says:

    I gotta agree with Tim, the lack of Windows Authentication support was dissapointing and will likely mean we ahve to implement a third party driver on my project (Though there are bugs in that one anyway)…

    For Shelby’s info… We would dearly love to see a true Type 4 implementation that can be used cross platform. Our standard for connecting to SQL is Windows Authentication. Although most our apps run on Windows not all of them do…

  10. Sean Reilly says:

    >I’m curious about your expectations for this >feature — are your app devs working on >Windows only and looking for a type-2 style >solution with a helper DLL, or are you >looking for a Java-only Kerberos >implementation that can be used cross->platform with the right network configuration?

    I’m also eagerly awaiting the re-implementation of this feature. I would have to say that a cross-platform type 4 solution would be even more preferable, but even a type 2 solution as was in the beta would be fantastic.

  11. Tim Toennies says:

    I hear you Euan; and in your shoes for deciding between a two month delay would have done exactly the same thing (wait I did that yesterday on something I was working on as well). It’s just that Kerberos is such a hugh part of our overall Security Engineering strategy that this is a hit to our roadmap. For our needs we’re looking for the former solution: Java only Kerberos with cross-platform using the right network configuration.

  12. Shelby Goerlitz [MSFT] says:

    We’ll continue to investigate both types of integrated auth. Setting up a network properly to accomodate the all-Java option is in my experience massively non-trivial and the customers who I have seen that have a successful mixed OS environment have required third-party software.

    Do any of you guys (Tim, Sean, Scott..) use kerb auth in a mixed context now for other apps? If you did this without a lot of pain I’d love to hear about it.

    For reasons of purity and driver implemntation simplicity I’d much rather do the all-Java option, but I haven’t heard good user stories around that option and that makes me nervous. On the other-hand, for all-Windows enviornments using an interop DLL to windows SSPI — while harder to implement and clunkier looking — is much easier to deploy (e.g. not everyone controls their network topology). At the end of the day we want to do both but we’ll likely have to choose which to do first and I appreciate your input.


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