Final CTP of SQL Server 2005 SP2

Just in time for Christmas get it here. This will be the last CTP of SP2 so get testing and have a great festive season.


New Best Practices Site + 2 x SQL 2005 Systems > 200TB

I was reading through some of the PASS slides from MS Presenters that were shared out internally. Mark Souza had what looked like an amazing session, some of the highlights; There is a new Best Practices site here, lots of good stuff. Some other random stats from Marks session, all SQL 2005 related; – There…


Data Dude is now available to MSDN customers

You can get it here, more details from Gert here Congrats to the team, its less than 2 years since data dude was a series of box and lines on a whiteboard, its a great product, enjoy.


FAQ: SQL Server and Sequence Objects/Generators

SQL Server 2005 includes a lot of changes to help make moving from Oracle to SQL Server easier, these include; – User Schema separation – Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) – Synonyms – Recursive Queries(CTEs) and some other smaller issues. However there is one feature if you have any serious Orcle development, especially as an…


SQL Server 2005, SP2 CTP Available

Get it while its hot! Whats New Download Page (this will be live later today) I know a lot of people wanted more issues addressed in SP1 but there are all sorts of complex timing issues when it comes to planning an SP, especially on a new code base like SQL2005. This SP has a LOT…


SQL Server Hosting Toolkit CTP available

Dan announced this a little while back here. One of the challenges that we did not really come up with a good solution for in SQL 2005 RTM was the following; Develop an app locally on your machine using one of the VS Express SKUs(Primarily Visual Web Developer) along with SQL Express (where you are…


Lots of Data Dude (and Dudette) action

The final CTP of DataDude is now live, Gert blogged lots of info here. Matt clarifies the licensing issues around using developer edition here. And finally, Mairead is now blogging here, thats a pretty cool header she has for her blog I might have to try and steal that CSS…


FAQ: How do I add new licenses to SQL Server 2005 or How do I change the licensing mode

In previous versions of SQL Server there was a licensing app that was integrated into control panel and was exposed via setup. It allowed you to enter the type of license you had for your server(Server+CAL or per CPU) and if you were using a CAL option then it allowed you to increase the number…


Cool new BLOG from SQL Server Customer Support Team

The folks from CSS have a huge amount of knowledge and while there have been a couple of bloggers I had always hoped for more. Well my hopes have been answered, the new sqlblog has a ton of great content already I suggest keeping an eye on it! Maybe we finally found a blog to…